Monday, 30 November 2015

The Newsly Day 30.11.15

Tragedy at Nando’s

Two male friends, Thomas Bro and Steven Lad, were struck with grief when they suddenly died at a Nando’s restaurant in Bristol last night after consuming poisoned meat.

A backlash against the chain has formed on Twitter under the hashtag #deadlynandos.

Wagamama’s has reportedly attempted to capitalise on the outrage with their own hashtag #nonlethalwagamamas.

In response, Nando’s RestaurantsTM Corp. Ltd. Corp. have publicly declared a new nationwide kitchen policy to check every meal for poison, and to warn the customer if found.

The friends and families of Thomas and Steven were suspicious that something may have been wrong when they weren’t receiving the usual barrage of selfies, instafoods and dick pics of them having what they coined a “Cheeky Nando’s Meal”.

A funeral service will be held this Sunday at St. Paul’s Church, followed by an open reception in the church hall, graciously catered by Nando’s.

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