Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Newsly Day 01.12.15

Taylor Swift being sued by NHS

A case has been filed by the National Health Service against the international pop icon Taylor Swift.

The lawsuit follows her plagiarism of the popular 1980s AIDS awareness campaign song with her recent single ‘Bad Blood’.

The song in question features such lines as ‘Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes’, an almost exact replica of the original ‘Band Aid won’t fix needle holes’.

Swift (female, American) has been involved in similar scandals in the past, such as R&B artist Jesse Graham suing her for $42 million regarding the lyrics of her song ‘Shake It Off’, and the little reported case of Swift versus goat.

Ian Dilks, chair of the NHS Litigation Authority said: “We’ve had over 175,000 lawsuits filed against the service this year alone. Suing a rich and famous pop star seems like the perfect way to recoup some of our losses”.

Mr.s Swift has been unavailable for comment so far, but her lawyers are allegedly already drafting reports of emotional damage and emotional negligence.

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