Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Newsly Day 09.02.16

Computer hackers break into NSA

United States security services are on high alert this morning after a breach in the defences of their most secure governmental department.

The break-in is predicted to have occurred at around 4am local time. The motive is still unknown. Once inside, the culprits proceeded to damage company property and tamper with employee’s date and time settings on their computers. Armed with spray paint, messages such as “N S Gay” and “Nerd Alert!” were written on the walls. 6 monitors are reported stolen.

Identification of the offenders is taking longer than expected due to the security camera footage having been removed.

“They knew exactly where to go to get the tapes from, and how to get them out of the recording device. These guys were clearly professional hackers”, said Steve Dawson of the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Department, who is leading the criminal investigation.

“We are currently interviewing any potential witnesses and asking anybody within the Fort Meade area with any information to come forward, be they military personnel or the families of military personnel.”

The night-watchman on duty, a Mr. Keith Squibb, was allegedly taken ill after eating too many unpopped corn kernels. His absence from the front desk allowed the incident to occur relatively unchallenged save for leaving a few lights on which possibly deterred any lengthier intrusion.

Despite the swift local response, the incident does cast serious doubts over the country’s domestic security situation. Is increasing security the answer? And will taxpayers be willing to front the bill for some sort of keycard system or a better deadlock?

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